Drift 3

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How To Play: Drift 3

Using Mouse

About Drift 3

The international drift race is held in the amazing video game Drift 3. Steer your car to make amazing drifts and finish the race as the last survivor. Also, you must pay attention to the racetrack's corners. To generate flawless drifts, click the left mouse button or release it at the appropriate moment. To find the track's corners, use the mini-map in the top left corner of the screen. If you don't want to lose quickly, try to stay away from dead ends. Also, this mini-map allows you to see where both you and your opponents are located.

Do you aspire to lead a nomadic lifestyle like Daigo Saito? Play this game right away to fulfill your ambition. In this game, you must race against the other 7 players from around the world while driving your car around numerous turns. In this race, hitting other vehicles and causing them to go off the track and into space is permissible. To win, try to get rid of every other player and emerge as the sole survivor.