Football Run

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How To Play: Football Run

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About Football Run

The Football Run, also known as the ground game, is an essential aspect of offensive strategy. In a run play, the ball carrier attempts to advance the ball forward by running through gaps in the defense. The goal is to gain yardage and ultimately score points by reaching the end zone.

In general, there are two types of run plays: inside runs and outside runs. Inside runs are designed to go between the tackles, where there is typically more resistance from the defense. Outside runs, on the other hand, are designed to go around the end of the offensive line, where there may be more open space.

In order to be successful in the run game, an offense must have a strong offensive line that can create holes for the ball carrier to run through. The running back must also have good vision, quickness, and power to break tackles and gain yardage.

Defenses will often try to stop the run game by stacking the box with extra defenders, making it more difficult for the offense to gain yardage on the ground. To counter this, offenses may use misdirection plays or play-action passes to keep the defense off-balance.

Overall, the run game is an important part of football strategy and can be used to control the tempo of the game, wear down the defense, and create opportunities for big plays in the passing game.