My Mini City

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How To Play: My Mini City

Using Mouse

About My Mini City

My Mini City is a browser-based simulation game where players create and manage their own virtual city. The objective of the game is to develop a thriving city by building various structures, such as residential buildings, industrial buildings, and infrastructure like power plants, roads, and parks.

The game is played by selecting different types of buildings and placing them strategically in the city. Each building type has its own unique benefits and costs, and players must balance their budget while trying to expand their city. As players construct new buildings, the city's population and economy grow, allowing for even more construction and development.

Players earn income from their city's businesses and residents, which can be used to purchase more buildings and upgrade existing structures. They can also interact with other players by visiting their cities and providing support, such as sending gifts and helping with construction projects.

My Mini City is free to play, and players can create multiple cities to test different strategies and approaches to city-building. The game is accessible through web browsers on desktop and mobile devices, and it has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to pick up and play.